Craftgasms: Artful guidance for those experiencing creative blocks

Well aren’t you brave 😉

CRAFTGASM = a creative play date with: you + me + our creativity.

Together we’ll explore your creative ambitions and make something that you can take home.

Here’s the thing…this is an idea I’ve had that I think would be fun. If you have been craving some time with your creativity, but you just don’t know what to make, never seem to have time to complete a project, or often make excuses to not even try at all, I want to spend a day with YOU!

Eventually, I’d like to charge for this sort of thing, but I need some help…In order to market such an idea, one needs photos and marketing copy and testimonials, so potential clients can say hey, ‘i want that, too!’ and ‘sign me up!’. So, that’s where you come in…if you’re game for getting a freebie in exchange for providing value feedback, I hope you’ll join me for a craftgasmic day!

Use the form below to book a creativity date with me.

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