Must be…March!

I wrote a song once. It was called ‘Must Be Monday’, I’m sure my mom will remember it (hi, mom!). I wish I remembered the lyrics, but I don’t. It was over 10 years ago and I’m not certain if I ever wrote them down…

What I do remember was that it was a catchy tune that was sung to a series of unexpected events that happened on a Monday morning; before I even got to work…aaaannnd it was written on the side of the road while I waited for a tow truck…

Singing Must Be Monday was my way of spinning these unwelcome occurrences that were beyond my control and doing my best to go with the flow.

This memory popped in my head when I sat down to write this blog post and felt pressed up against a self-imposed deadline and thought, it Must be March…damn, that happened fast!

If I’m being totally honest, February did not meet the high expectations I set for it along with a lengthy list of to-do’s simply because I did not make room for those inevitable happenings that are life itself…last month our household had the flu, there was snow to shovel, as well as school delays/cancellations and a vacation week that impacted our perfect little routine 😉 , but as I sit and reflect on it all, I’m reminded that there is so much to be thankful for…and I actually got quite a bit done, too ❤

So, how was your month? Did you get everything done that you wanted to? Do you also have a habit of planning to do more than your capable of? I’d love to hear what’s on your mind and what’s keeping you busy…

I’m so grateful to have this space to reflect on yet another month gone by. Thanks for joining me on this journey! I’ve opened up the comments section below, if you’d like to share your own reflections from February.

February 2019 happenings & reflections:

New Upcycled Business Cards!

Never in my life have I had so much fun handing out my own business cards…Until I created these. Turn up the volume and check out this 45 second video of my process.

I’ve been handing them out wherever I go! I love watching people pick the design that appeals to them, open each envelope, and share the words bestowed on them by a creatively reused fortune. Yes, this is a legit collection acquired over many years 🙂

Podcamp Western Mass 2019

For the 5th consecutive year, I attended PodCamp Western Mass. It was fun, as always. I met lots of new people, had many discussions that got my business mind cranking, and I led TWO workshops! The first was “How to Start a Website” and the second was “Digital Detox: a Mindful Break From Screens”. I believe it was the first time anyone brought crafts to this event, but it was sooo much fun!

Thanks to Seth Kaye for snapping and sharing photos from the day!

A few of the upcycled postcards that were created during the digital detox session I led at PodCamp:

Who else loves buttons???

I love, love, love my button collection! I also have this crazy desire to make a craft show, so I’ve been practicing to shoot and edit video a bit…here’s another quickie:

My button collection will be hitting the road this month! On March 12, you’re invited to Make a Denim Dahlia at Artesana in Holyoke, MA. It’s a Tuesday evening and I’m promising crafts and laughs and tea and cookies…join me! Get your tickets on Eventbrite.

More Upcycling in the Kitchen!

Last month I promised a whole blog post dedicated to our kitchen upcycle project…even though that hasn’t happened (yet!), I do have a new update…

Last weekend my husband, Tim, and I visited EcoBuilding Bargains in Springfield. I was thrilled when we found two solid maple cabinets that were affordable and well-made to serve as the foundation for our DIY kitchen island. I was even more excited when both pieces fit in the back of our Prius! Wahoo!

It makes me so happy to have the additional storage we needed in our kitchen and having a dedicated prep station has added such joy to the process of cooking…I have visions of topping each piece with butcher block and building a countertop area with seating for 4-6…stay tuned!

That’s it for now! Here’s to doing the best we can with what we’ve got this March 🙂

Don’t forget to share your comments below and if you’re near Holyoke, MA on March 12, I hope you’ll join me to Make a Denim Dahlia at Artesana!

Workshops led by Amber Ladley of Happily Upcycled.

Amber Ladley is a lifelong crafter and creative entrepreneur. She finds tremendous joy in crafting with others while sharing innovative ways to reduce waste for our planet. Join her, along with members of your crafty community, for an inspirational evening and leave with an upcycled project handmade by you!

Want to host your own creative retreat, upcycling workshop, or craft party? Contact me!

4 Replies to “Must be…March!”

  1. Love your newsletter. February was a blur. Goals set up, not met, reevaluated, and then given up on. And now it’s almost April…
    And I LOVE your business cards!


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