Thank You! (Email from Library Patron)

amberladley-happilyupcycled-cwmars-library-photo-gallery-workshops - 6Hello Amber,

I write to thank you for your terrific workshop. We had a very fun and creative two hours! It was a big step for my mom and I to attend the workshop. Not knowing exactly what to expect we jumped in together and we are so glad that we did.

Please see my attachment. This is the picture that you took. The flowers don’t show up in the photo too well but what does come across loud and clear is what a Stroke Hero looks like. I am very proud of her determination to reclaim her life through daily efforts – both physical and mental – and to be as independent as possible.

It is very surprising to a non-crafter (me) that we were able to make something that we are really quite proud of. Our two flowers are now in a vase in our dining room. More generally, I think you made a very nice contribution to the world by having so many people enjoy their Saturday morning making flowers, working collaboratively, and learning about conservation, upcycling, crafting and creativity. I saw lots of happy faces and flowers being carefully carried to cars.

Keep up the good work!

Jack K.

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