Crafting Business Relationships

I’ve learned many important lessons since taking on self-employment in 2012, but my number 1 is: EVERYTHING takes time…

  • finding ideal clients
  • building relationships
  • promoting services/products
  • then there’s the actual work…after client work, there’s your own business to tend to keep the cycle moving while maintaining a life outside of work and don’t forget about personal wellness and self-care. After all, who’s going to do your work when you need a sick, personal, or vacation day?

If you’re like me, you don’t care and wouldn’t have it ANY. OTHER. WAY.

Self-employment is hard work, but the reward is great: The Power of Choice…

I get to choose how I spend my time, who I spend it with, and which projects I contribute to. It’s not always as beautifully orchestrated as I would like it to be, but I am grateful for the freedom. I also know I couldn’t do it alone…

I’m incredibly fortunate to live in an area that is ripe with creative entrepreneurs. I have met and worked with some of the most amazing and talented people living right here in Western Massachusetts. I love meeting new people and especially business owners who like to “talk shop”. I enjoy listening to their stories, what drives them, and how our skills may compliment one another. I always learn something and these genuine interactions often lead to more business…for both of us.

When I launched Craftworking, I had this type of interaction in mind. Then, it actually happened. In fact, it turned out better than I expected. Not only did it bring local women business owners together in a relaxing and creative environment, it also gave them a chance to organically promote their services and discover collaborative opportunities. Yes!

I’m psyched to announce that Craftworking has been scheduled monthly for the rest of 2016. It will be held on the second Friday of each month beginning in August from 3-5pm at Knack: The Art of Clever Reuse (located at Eastworks in Easthampton, MA).

If you would like to chat and craft with local self-employed individuals and small business owners, please join us! Tickets can be purchased below. Contact me with any questions or comments.


Curious Who Attends Craftworking Events?

Check out the guest list below and be sure to follow the links to learn more about their businesses. I am so grateful to each of the women listed below. You have all been an important part entrepreneurial journey, thank you!

Craftworking events are a fun and relaxing way to mingle with creative and entrepreneurial people who live in the Pioneer Valley and enjoy hands-on crafting. I’ve been bringing along projects and demonstrating various techniques. The most popular seem to be the ones that let our mind rest and creative energy flow, so I’m definitely planning more of those…Your thoughts and ideas are always welcome! Send me a note to share feedback or ask a question.

Join the next Craftworking event!

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