Hands-on Digital Detox for People Who’d Like to Be More Creative

Do you wish for more creativity in your life? You’re not alone. Creativity is an innate tool that helps us solve problems and create innovative ideas. It gets greater each time we use it AND using it often evokes feelings of happiness, pride, and pure satisfaction. With results like that, why wouldn’t you want more creativity in your life? If you’d like time to digitally detox and connect with people in real time, this creative retreat is for you.

In this interactive workshop, we’ll tap into your right brain and awaken your inner creative.  You will:

  • learn the benefits creativity can bring to your life
  • have the opportunity to engage in a brainstorming session
  • be led through a hands-on project using repurposed materials

This unique experience is a lovely alternative to screen time, a mindful break from our busy lives, and an opportunity to strengthen your creative muscle while pleasing your eco-conscious.

Amber Ladley is a lifelong crafter and self-employed creative entrepreneur. She shares stories from her journey and inspires audiences with simple DIY projects using stuff we already have. You’ll leave feeling energized, inspired and with a handcrafted item made by you!

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