Inspiration: The Organic Artist Book by Nick Neddo

When we head over to our local library, I usually head straight for the New section. I’m always on the lookout for new craft books containing tutorials I haven’t tried or a technique I’m looking to learn. Then, I head upstairs to look through the entire collection of creative how-to’s.

I was thrilled when I picked up The Organic Artist by Nick Neddo. A quick flip through the text showed me materials that I already had at home to work with, so I borrowed it and I’m so glad I did.

Nick’s book was an enjoyable and fascinating read. So far, I have successfully made:

Each of these tutorials were clear and easy to understand. Some of the others are a bit more complex in process or materials needed, but they all produce such beautiful and natural artist’s supplies. If you are interested in checking it out further, I encourage you to check with your local library or order your own copy from Nick Neddohe personally signs each copy ordered from his website with homemade pen & ink!

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